Tahrima and Erica present there research poster at Georgia Tech’s Spring symposium.

Dr. Siu Lung (Michael) Ng just defended his PhD!

SCRI students Ebony and Mary culturing Vibrios at the bench.

The 2022 Aquatic Chemical Ecology REU group at Sapelo Island.

Our mode of transport on Sapelo Island is this great open bed truck (yes, the truck says UGA since we stay at their Marine Institute!)

Anne sampling in the salt marsh during our field excursion to Sapelo Island.

Brian and with Malka Halpern in Israel

Kameron presents his summer research at the 2021 REU capstone poster symposium.

2021 ACE REU students spend a day at the GA Aquarium!

Our ACE REU students enjoy a trip to Zoo Atl!

Cristian and Sophia win top teaching awards!

Labs meetings 2020-21: Cholera in the Time of COVID.

Cristian kicks off the 2020 SEB ASM meeting in Huntsville, and takes home the best grad talk award!

A couple of hams! Cristian showcases Sophia’s poster at the SEB ASM meeting.

It was a treat to be the keynote speaker at the 2019 Florida ASM regional meeting in beautiful Clearwater FL!

Brandy Njai captures 1st place for her poster at the LSAMP STEM Innovators conference on her summer REU project studying V. cholerae and other aquatic microbes.

Sophia get the crowd excited about Type VI Secretion at the 2019 Undergraduate Research Forum at UT Austin.

ACE REU Co-director Frank Stewart (left) and TA Michael Ng (right) with our 2019 students on Sapelo Island off Georgia.

2019 Aquatic Chemical Ecology REU students at their capstone poster session.

Some of our 2019 REU students enjoying a day of climbing at Stone Summit Atlanta!

Congratulations to Kenneth and Holly, our award winning graduates!

Harshini in her regalia at GT’s MS commencement!

Who won the T6SS cookies in the gift exchange?

2018 Cherry Emerson holiday!

Bouldering at Rocktown with the crew!

The lab camping trip to Cloudland Canyon in 2018.

A heated game of Code Names at the Hammers!

Thanksgiving 2018

ACE REU student Brandy presents her poster at the 2018 Capstone Symposium on her project studying attachment of V. cholerae to chitin.

Summer teacher Robert minipreps some plasmid DNA, donning his PPE.

Spring 2017, Cristian and Vishnu bouldering at Stone Summit Atlanta.

Visiting PhD student Rotem Sela from Israel gets a selfie with Bonnie Bassler at the 2018 Suddath Symposium at GT!

Brian in Israel with members of the Halpern lab (left to right: Sivan, Yoni, Rotem, and Malka).

Campus shuts down! Harshini, Cristian, Kenneth, Vishnu, and Holly build an impressive snowman on Dec. 8, 2017.

The 2017 REU students are ready to take a ride in the back of the Sapelo Island field station’s jalopy!

Our REU students record the critters caught during our trawl on the Spartina!

Cristian gives his poster talk at ASM Microbe 2017! (Yes that’s ASM president Peggy Cotter learning about his new data!)

Carol’s baby Misti!

Jacob with his daughter Kavita!

Samit’s hooding ceremony in spring 2017!

Hammer lab photo at a party to celebrate Samit’s defense and the holiday season!

Dr. Bernardy at the official hooding ceremony before commencement!

A new tradition!? To complete your PhD in the Hammer lab you need to ascend a route with Brian and the climbing gym! Nice job Samit!

2018 Holiday party – Samit – Graduate Student Excellence Award!
Eryn – Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award!

The 2015 Aquatic Chemical Ecology REU students having fun and learning some science on Sapelo Island with Dr. Hammer

Biosphere 2 – Scialog conference setting… Pauly Shore was not in attendance

Drs. Hammer, Valente and Xavier at the New University of Lisbon, Portugal!

Surfing at Guincho Beach in Lisbon with the Xavier lab!

Brian receives the Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award at April banquet.

Sarah teaches kids about “glowing germs” at Laurel Ridge Elementary School’s “Science Night”!

January 2014 – Hammer lab (Post-) Holiday Party

Graduation party at the Hammer’s for Elsa and Elena.

Jacob is deep in thought.

Samit is excited to join the Hammer lab!

Eryn, Brian, Maria and the boss at the 2011 regional ASM meeting in Gainesville FL.

The Molecular Nano-Communication group! Drs. Fekri, Hammer, Akyildiz, Forest, and Sivakumar.

Undergraduate Susie Lee demonstrates how to extract DNA from strawberries with Mr. Taube’s 5th graders.

2011 – Summer lab party at the Hammer house.

2011 ASM meeting in New Orleans (the 4 Es from left to right: Elena, Eryn, Erika and Elsa)

Patrick and Brian trying to look cool at ASM in New Orleans.

Bonnie Bassler visits Georgia Tech to give a talk and spend time with the Hammer lab.

Rita Colwell with Elena who is awarded the Outstanding Oral Presentation Award at the 2011 Vibrios in the Environment meeting in Biloxi MS.

Shannon teaches Elena how to eat crab.

The Hammer lab crushes the Gaucher lab at Whirly Ball!

2009 – Patrick with his daughter at Brian’s house.

Genetic Screens 101 – “What are those little dots on that plate?” Colonies Elena… colonies.”

Elsa and Sophia chat at a Hammer lab holiday party.