Joe Vath joins the lab! Joe Vath rotated with us to start the Spring semester and then agreed to join the lab. We are delighted to have Joe as our newest PhD student!

Paper with Yunker lab published! We are delighted to be part of a beautiful paper by the Yunker lab’s Pablo Bravo that was just published in PNAS. Excellent work Pablo!

FALL 2022

New lab members: Isabel Calimlim and Zach Beddingfield are awarded Fast-Track-To-Research fellowships and join the Hammer lab! Participating in weekly lab meetings this fall, they will both begin working at the bench in spring! Welcome Zach and Isabel!

Alexis Ramsey rotates in our lab: This fall Alexis Ramsey will spend the fall on a Hammer lab rotation.

A new manuscript: Katie’s manuscript describing the evolution of TRype VI resistance is available at the biorxiv. Check it out!


That’s Dr. Ng! Michael successfully defended his PhD on August 18, officially earning the title of Dr. Michael (Siu Lung) Ng PhD! Michael gave an excellent presentation of his work studying the evolution of Type VI secretion control and defense that was followed by the usual grilling by his committee members. Excellent work Michael! (See photo of Dr. Ng!)

Katie hits the conferences: Katie enjoyed a busy summer that included presenting her work on Type VI Secretion evolution at both the Evolution 2022 meeting in Cleveland OH in June and the European Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting in Prague in August!

ACE REU program: We’ve had an exciting summer hosting nine awesome students from around the US for 10-weeks at GT in our NSF-supported summer Research Experience for Undergraduates in Aquatic Chemical Ecology. The summer was packed with lab and field research, our capstone poster session, as well as excursions to Zoo Atl, the GA aquarium, and Sapelo Island…! Check out the photos page for a few pics of the crew!

Summer ACE student Anne Wood: The Hammer lab was lucky to host ACE REU student Anne Woods who was mentored by fellow Wisconsinite Katie.

GT’S College of Sciences SCRI: The Hammer lab has been delighted to host Ebony Williams and Mary Sousa in GT’s inaugural Summer College Research Intership program. A shout out to Chris Zhang for his outstanding mentoring! See our photos page for pictures of these two microbiologists at work!

BEST-Lyon 2022: After a two year COVID hiatis, Brian was able to return to Lyon France to co-teach Cell and Molecular Biology with Dr. Jennifer Leavey in GT’s BEST-Lyon program, coordinated by Dr. Cam Tyson.


Paper on the evolution of T6 published: Michael Ng’s paper describing the evolution of non-coding DNA controlling T6 Secretion was accepted in April and just published in mBio. Very nice Michael! Co-authors include former MS student Tobias Hoffmann and current undergraduate Sophia Kammann!

Off to graduate school: Congratulations are in order for Sophia Wiesenfeld who has committeed to Harvard’s Quantitative Biology PhD Program. Nice!

New PhD student: We are delighted to welcome QBioS PhD student Chris Zhang to our group! Chris will be co-mentored by Will Ratcliff and study T6SS evolution.

McCallum Scholar research award in Biology: Way to go Tahrima Jubery! The funds for this award are provided “to support the brightest biology majors at Georgia Tech and to support their career aspirations”! Tahrima, we’re proud to have you as one of our crew of outstanding undergraduate reseachers.

Talks in Israel: Brian was fortunate to give research talks in Israel, hosted by Dorr Salomon at Tel Aviv University and collaborator Malka Halpern at Haifa University – Oranim. A spectacular trip!

CMDI Student Spotlight: Check out Katie’s Spotlight at the CMDI site!